If there is one technology that doesn't need marketing hyperbole added to it, that would be massless loudspeakers.  Unfortunately the audiophile world is used to overhyping descriptions of products using marketing speak, leading to one of the worst reputations for the products of any industry.  The more esoteric the design the more exaggeration is rolled out.  A number of mundane products may need this treatment but massless speakers are not among them.

Plasma tweeters and ion speakers are already constructed from weird sounding physics.  They tend to look totally different and can offer sound reproduction beyond or very different to any other design.  They are already awesome.  When using extra marketing on top of this it just starts to erode the perceived quality of the product.

Sometimes the designers themselves are guilty of this.  Either from some misunderstanding of what they have or how their design works - some extraordinary claims are made.  This is not magic, it's science.  Suggesting your loudspeaker is some sort of levitation device or a time vortex or force field is just beyond the realities of what is already outstanding physics and makes your design sound implausible.

Plasma and ion speakers are also not new.  It's not a new technology by any definition as it is over 100 years old.  Your version of the many designs that are out there may be new but it is unlikely to be meaningfully breaking any new scientific ground.  Just because most people have never heard of the technology doesn't mean there is anything novel about your design.

Just an opinion.


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