Plasma Tweeter not a full range plasma speaker

Massless is all about massless loudspeakers such as plasma speakers and tweeters, corona wind and ionic loudspeakers. The information here has been gathered from many sources over the years whilst investigating massless speaker designs.

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"… the speaking incandescent electric lamp, the singing arc, and the talking flame — measures of desperation these were; yet each came in for its share of attention as the search continued — and still does, for that matter — for new and perhaps better methods of electroacoustical transduction." - Frederick Hunt, Electroacoustics, 1954


History will take you through the decades of work that has been done on plasma tweeters (and full range plasma speaker), ion wind and other massless speakers.  Design will give details of the types of device and their types of benefits and problems.

The Archive will help you find a whole host connections to every resource, papers and patents that have been available for over a century as well as details of the theoretical and commercial speakers created.

If you are researching or investigating your own designs of massless speaker you can use this site to get a head start and learn from previous attempts. It reveals the large amount of work that has already been done and hopefully moves the field further more quickly.

The most common type of this rare category of loudspeaker is the plasma tweeter and this is the most successful class, especially commercially with the early Ionofone and Magnat and later with Acapella Ion, Lansche Audio Corona and Vaughn Plasma Signature.  The plasma method does not lend itself to full range plasma speakers but the ionic or corona does, although with no commercial success.

Why massless?  Here is a definition of massless when used in the audio world.  This website was previously known as AirSpeaker and all of its information is now here and has been expanded on. 
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