R2R Audio flagship loudspeaker

After many years of research and development R2R Audio introduced in 2010 the flagship product – 15 inch Full Range loudspeaker active system.

"This world`s most technologically advanced speaker system sets new standards in frequency response, phase response and impulse response. Now for the first time it's possible to have exceedingly low distortion, wide dynamics, and high sensitivity. This revolutionary system reproduces the sound with unprecedented accuracy, balance and dynamic power."

Our success is the result of long years of research and trials to find a consistent pattern in development and construction of loudspeakers.

For cone and dome membrane production we use non-woven high modulus polyaramid materials treated with liquid Kevlar™ and Nanoparticles Fullerene C60. This unique production technology allows us to achieve the velocity of sound in moving elements of the drivers up to 12 km/sec. The maximum velocity of sound in moving elements made of traditional materials cannot exceed 3 km/sec.

This technology resulted in the reduction of the moving parts' weight, which in our loudspeakers is at least three times smaller then the weight of any other existing speakers. However the mechanical characteristics of R2R Audio loudspeaker far exceed the quality of competitors.

Our technology allows us to produce cones and dome membranes with diameters from 2 to 15 inches with durability of 10 to 15 years in any challenging environment without loosing their original characteristics. In 2012 we designed our first 8 inch Full Range underwater transducer.

Particular attention has been paid to the magnet assembly construction and materials.For their production we use only pure iron Armco and high quality constant neodymium magnets made of NdFeB metal. This gives us a significant magnetic field strength in the gap up to 2,2 T.

One of the most important elements of the technical design are the voice coils. To this end, edge-wound voice coils were developed and are used for our driver production.

Suspensions have reduced losses from friction.

What makes the R2R Audio Full Range system so completely different from all other current acoustic systems today?
A single Full Range driver per channel covering the entire audio band
Impulse characteristics equaling that of electro-static speakers
The dynamics of electro-static loudspeakers yet a greater than 10 times efficiency than electro-statics
A velocity of sound as high as 12 km/sec in the drivers moving elements
No hot spots or localization of the sound source
A single channel transducer enables a true three dimensional presentation for all types of music programs
A true representation of the recording source

All R2R Audio active systems use:
An open baffle design
Universal class D amplifiers with up to 700 Watts of power
Linear power supplies with surplus power reserve and special Low ESR sound electrolytic capacitors to avoid power drawdown on low frequencies
A digital processor for frequency control, no passive elements
Four user selectable presets for different environments
A DSP compensation for complete flat frequency response (similar to the principal of phono cartridge frequency correction for vinyl records to achieve full range playback)

Our innovative Full Range loudspeaker systems are being used in: Home Audio Systems, Home Theaters, Sound Recording Studios, for Active Acoustic Environment Enhancement in locations such as concert halls, theaters, cinemas, open air and under water environments.

All R2R Audio speakers, amplifiers and systems are handcrafted and offered in different custom materials and finishes.

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