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 Below lists all of the commercial massless speakers found so far. Information on some of the models is very scarce, some detail is in the notes and the rest will be in the articles section.  To qualify to be here the loudspeaker must have been sold to the public at some point - prototypes or demonstration models are in the theory section. There are currently only three complete designs that are currently available to purchase - the HYPERLINK ""Acapella Ion TW-1S, Lansche Corona and the HYPERLINK ""Vaugn Loudspeakers version of the Ionovac, all plasma tweeters. Sort the table by clicking the column headings.
ManufacturerModelVersionsYearCurrentDriver typeDesignerCountryNotes
Dukane, IonavacIonovacDuk-5,10 - 601951NoBXSiegfried KleinUSFirst commercial plasma tweeter
PlesseyIonophone1956NoBXUKA licensed Ionovac clone
Electro-VoiceIonovac T-35001958NoBXUSA licensed Ionovac clone
Fane AcousticsIonofane, IonofoneFane 6011960NoBXFaulkusGBA licensed Ionovac clone
Bowers & WilkinsP-2-HP2, P2H1966NoBXUKUsed a Fane 601 tweeter
HillPlasmatronicType 1,Model 1-100-A1972NoBXDr. Alan Hill, with Tony SalsichUSWell known, helium tank, handful made
TecnacIonofone1974NoBXDELater Klein clone
Corona AcousticCorona Type314 - 5141978NoBXOtto Braun (sold Ionovac in Germany)DECompany 1977-99, now Lansch Audio
MagnatMP-01,02m, Transpuls,MP-X-1011978NoBXSiegfried KleinDEWell known
Audio ReferencePlasmasonic11985NoB/CZHenri Bondar, Jean-Claude FourriereFRHeadphones, few hundred made - $2000
CSE Inc.A-3000minus?1985?BXJPJapanese
Acapella (ATR)Ion TW-1TW-1, TW-1S1998YesBXDEWas 8,500 euro on its own, now only part of full system
Lansche AudioCorona Type314 - 5141998YesBXRudiger Lansche, Otto BraunSWTook over Corona Acoustic's designs
Real Onkyo Co. Ltd.RealonMk 1,2,3 ,TS-5A, PS-20001999?BXMr HataJPRefurb Mk3 listed on Amazon Japan 2014
Viger Audio, Plasma VoiceVA, Arc One, EALVA-5pro,VA6, VA72012?BXBoris G. VigerRUSolid state plasma tweeters
Vaugn LoudspeakersPlasma Signature2016YesBXJim JordanUSRecreated Ionovac
Driver type Key:

A Arc discharge
B Glow discharge / Plasma
C Corona wind (ion cloud)

X Tweeter
Y Mid-range
Z Full range

Some of my thoughts on the Marketing of these designs.


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