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Title Magazine Author Year Month Volume Page
Singing Flame Scientific American 1877 Apr 14th
Music in Electric Arcs New York Times V.J.Y. 1901 Apr 28 7
A Speaking Incandescent Lamp Scientific American 1912 Dec 107 527
Ionic L'Onde Electrique S. Klein 1946 Oct
Ionophone Radio Electronics E. Aisberg, M. Bonhomme 1951 Nov
Ionophone Circuitry Radio Electronics E. Aisberg, M. Bonhomme 1951 Dec
Klein Review Wireless World 1952 Jan
A New Speaker Principle Saturday Review Edgar Villchur 1952 Sep 27 60-61
The Ionophone L'Onde Electrique S. Klein 1952 314
Qui na jamais entendu un haut-parleur ionique Audax 1952 TSF et TV 1952
Wanted:- Inertialess Speakers Radio-Electronics Hugo Gernsback 1953 Oct 33
Interation dans l air de deux Ultra-sons Toute La Radio S. Klein 1953 Nov 352-354
The Corona Loudspeaker Radio and Television News G. Shirley 1956 October 57-59
Applications of Corona Effects Electronics D. Tombs 1957 30 198
Loudspeakers of the Future Radio Electronics G. Shirley 1957 Nov 44-46
Sound Producing Unit with Ionophone Radio (Russia) E. Plotkin, B. Karateev ,V. Prutz 1959 12 18
Ionovac Speaker: Still a Brilliant Failure Consumer Reports magazine 1959 May
Discharge Loudspeaker Kills Mice The New Scientist 1960 Jan 100
The Driverless Tweeter from Paris High Fidelity Norman Eisenberg 1961 Jan
DuKane Ionovac Speaker Review High Fidelity 1961 Mar
Introducing the Ionovac Popular Electronics Dukane 1961 May Cover, 56
The Ionophone Practical Wireless A. E. Falkus 1965 Apr 1141-1143, 1194
How the Ionophone works Hi-Fi News 1965 May
IonoFane 601 Ionic Treble Unit & 603 Loudspeaker Hi-Fi News 1966 Apr
Fane ionoFane Model 603 Loudspeaker The Gramophone 1966 May
Whatever Happened to these Revolutionary Loudspeaker Designs? Stereo Review George L. Augspurger 1967 Aug 49
Flame Amplification and a better HiFi Loudspeaker Popular Electronics James Joseph 1968 May 47-53
Real Onkyo Realon Audiophile John Hiraga 1978 April No.4
Coneless Speaker uses plasma driver (the Hill Plasmatronic) Popular Science John Free 1979 Jun
Hill Plasmatronic Loudspeaker International Audio Review 1980? 3 130-135
The Ionic Man Stereophile 1980 6,No. 1 Cover, 2,
It was the perfect high end product Wall Street Journal Nelson Pass 1980 Front
Hill Plasmatronics Type 1 loudspeaker Stereophile J. Gordon Holt 1980 Apr
Alternative Speaker Technologies Audio G. Stock 1980? Aug 64 32-37
The Plasmatronics speaker system The Absolute Sound 1980 Sep 5,No19 276
Le tweeter absolut? Le transducteur ionique Klein-Magnat L'Audiophile Gerard Chretien 1980 Dec 7-13
Plasmalautsprecher - Wandlersystem der Zukunft? HiFi Exclusiv 1981 Nov
Haut-parleur vers une ere nouvelle La Nouvelle Revue Du Son Henri Bondar 1982 Jul 58 71-79
Un haut-parleur a plasma froid La Nouvelle Revue Du Son Henri Bondar 1982 Aug 59 73-80
Plasmasonic La Nouvelle Revue Du Son Henri Bondar 1984 Mar 76 100
Ion Age Hi-Fi Answers Jimmy Hughes 1984 Jul Cover,
Low Inertia Loudspeakers Hi-Fi News Stanley Kelly 1985 Jan 55-57
Le Haut-Parleur Mecconnu Science & Vie High Tech (French) Henri-Pierre Penel 1987 64-68
Les Haut-Parleurs Ioniques Audiophile Alain Deraedt 1990 22 85-88
Les Haut-Parleurs Ioniques II Audiophile Alain Deraedt 1990 23 9
Les Haut-Parleurs Ioniques (suite et fin) Audiophile Alain Deraedt 1990 24 15-18
The Strange Life and Bizarre Disappearance of John Iverson The Absolute Sound Robert F. Sabin 1994 Jun/Jul 96
Ionic Loudspeakers Gramophone Keith Howard 1997 Jan 133-136
Plasma Speaker Revived Hi-Fi News Barry Fox 1997 Jan 17
Build a Plasma Tweeter AudioXpress 2003 Apr 34 Iss 4
Er leuchtet (Lansche No. 3.1) Stereoplay Holger Biermann 2014 Jan 58-61
The DuKane Ionovac Speaker Antique Radio Classified D. Schoo 2014 Jan 1 34-40
Back to the Ion age Hi-Fi News Keith Howard 2017 Aug 24-29

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