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KEY INFO WEBSITES A top, long standing site was ( ) Full History and info on Ionovacs Hill Plasmatronic Plasmasonic and lots more info A very good but dead site, link to the wayback machine A dead site with some nice old info
ARTICLES A nice overview article Stereophile web version of 1980 article Some info on plasma speakers at the bottom Copy of 1952 magazine article Article on the Credo tweeter Eventually talks about plasma tweeters, poor on accuracy A nice plasma article
MANUFACTURERS Acapella (ION TW-1) Dukane s history including Ionavac division Vaughn Loudspeakers Lansche Audio Corona Plasma Tweeter
VIDEOS Excellent explanation of discharges from See the Pattern YouTube videos for (above) with great detail What is a plasma tweeter Nelson Pass Youtube interview A video channel which shows the non-hifi use of plasma well Yvonne Sutton video from paper 2011
REVIEWS Vaughn Plasma II review Lansche Audio Cubus Review 2011 Lansche Audio 5.1 Review It's new all over again (2008)
FORUMS A great forum site with various massless speaker discussions An article/forum focused on Klein Forum with Ionovac details 2006 An in depth discussion about mass in speakers A forum with some bits of info in the thread Some brief bits of info On the Lansche Corona tweeter Various odd speakers
EARLY HISTORY A site on the Auxetophone (not quite massless) Good history of the pyrophone Site with early electronic music history
OTHER Some nice pics A brief general info page Wikipedia s main section, varies in accuracy Old page on a diy Magnat clone ExcelPhysics Kickstarter (2014, main site now gone)
Tomorrows World arch 8 1984

Info about plasma tweeters

and ionic loudspeakers

with high voltage ion cloud

and corona wind speakers
and more plasma and ion info.

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